Our Background

Our Background

The members of our team come from a distinguished background of Sales and Operations Management. Several of our members have experience in running large sales teams, both national and international in scope, with revenues in the hundreds of millions of dollars. Our expertise extends into business ownership and management, mergers and acquisitions, as well as successful campaigns raising money through venture capital resources. Our team not only provides expertise in business development and sales management but is backed up with the technical and functional skills to respond as necessary to the challenges that arise in a successful sales campaign.

25 Years of Sales Development, Achievement and Management Experience.
An established network of partnerships globally positioned for rapid representation services and deployment.

Direct experience in several industries including: Manufacturing, Banking & Finance, Healthcare, Energy, Retail, Telecommunications, Technology, Aerospace, Local, State, and Federal Government.

Access to a wealth of resources for sales, pre- and post-technical service engineers, program and project managers, and an endless network of corporate executives. We utilize them not just for their input, but they often serve as conduits to sales opportunities as well.

How it all Began…
Mi6 is a group of business people, comprised of sales and operations executives who’ve in one way or another shared a common experience, having realized that there is a paradigm shift occurring in today’s business market. We have formed the Mi6 Group to address this shift reshaping the way employers recruit and hire employees, the way companies market and sell their products and services, and even the way companies conduct business with one another. We recognize that “Times are changing”, requiring a shift in the manner in which companies conduct business today. If the current changes are any indicator, further changes and new rules of engagement will become commonplace. In a time of uncertainty, what remains rather certain is the fact that there are practical alternatives to the way we once conducted business, culminating in what many have said is “The new sales model” going forward.

Industry Experts believe that direct sales teams, although expensive, are still very effective, more so if they are supported by an inside sales group filtering and converting large lists of leads to smaller lists of qualified prospects accelerating sales cycles and with oversight of executive sales leadership. Secondly, Experts agree that some products or services are better positioned for sales if sold through a sales channel of Value Added Resellers, (VAR’s). VAR’s cost less, provide more market coverage and have additional resources at their disposal. The questions companies struggle with is twofold, can they afford a direct sales model comprised of inside sales, a highly skilled direct sales force and executive sales leadership. Second, do they have the knowledge and experience to develop, recruit and effectively manage a Channel of VAR’s whereby the challenge is to dominate their mindshare so that it is their product and service that the VARs lead with to meet their own revenue objectives.

Further, most companies agree that marketing, business development, direct sales and channel sales remain entirely different functions of a company’s revenue building efforts. However, current budget constraints dictate a reduction in workforce, forcing companies to eliminate people and create hybrids, which in theory, blends these skills sets into a single individual or a small group. We maintain that “Marketing is not sales and sales is not marketing”. “Business development and Sales people are simply different types of people”. You cannot effectively be both a “hunter gatherer and a planter harvester”. Additionally, direct Sales and channel sales through VAR’s require entirely different go- to-market strategies to be successful. We eliminate the use of hybrids and invest in specialists that provide a single level skill set or when needed, Mi6 can provide tiered levels of these resources. This enables our Clients to augment their sales resources as required.

The road ahead is hazy; however, what remains clear is that you don’t want to be on it alone! With Mi6 at your side, you can provide the cargo and leave the driving and execution to us; we will get you to your destination profitably and safely.