Who is the Mi6 Group?

Who is the Mi6 Group?

Mi6 Group provides an alternative service model for businesses, enabling our clients to focus on their core competency while we successfully drive their sales engine. Mi6 Group excels in providing expertise and resources at all levels including, branding, marketing, and business development through the utilization of sales cycle process expertise, spanning from lead generation, inside sales qualification through field sales relationship building, technical sales support and lastly, executive level sales leadership. Mi6 Group also provides a very seasoned approach to Channel sales with strong proven network of top producing VAR’s and an ability to maximize their mindshare. Mi6 Group acts as a finely tuned sales engine “Bridging the Gap”, so you only use what you need, significantly reducing your overhead without compromising the quality of skills sets required to meet and exceed your revenue targets.

Mi6 Group Service offerings can best be summarized into 4 categories:

1. Education and Training Workshops
Our education and training workshops provide live situational interactive learning and teaching environments. Some of our workshop features include but are not limited to: breakout sessions and both in class and peer to peer role playing with real executives that we have on speed dial. To learn more about our training and workshops, click here.

2. Sales Force Outsourcing and Co-sourcing
Mi6 Group provides additional resources to meet required sales goals and objectives. We can start at with inside-sales resources so your team can focus on the real prospects and continue with executive level sales leadership as required in addition to anything in between including technical sales and channel development and management resources. We offer customized levels of engagement built around our clients needs and their operating budget.

3. Revenue Acceleration
We connect companies together, drastically reducing their time to market and provide account penetration utilizing our existing connections and knowledge of targeted account processes.

4. SWAT Team Services
A complete insurgence of our resources for business and market development creating rapid market penetration for new ventures, a new product or service deployment, a program for stagnant sales resurgence and severe cases, complete company resurrections.

5. Long-term Consulting and Management Engagement
We can provide training, tools and methodologies for all levels of business development and sales. We can act as a virtual resource i.e., “Virtual VP” spending predetermined hours per week and or month as well as on a project-oriented basis, performing specific goal achieving tasks.

To learn more about any of our service offerings, please contact us.